How you helped Curtsy Embroidery become a reality

I am thrilled to create high quality machine embroidery designs that help you produce extraodinary results.

 -Carrie Dalton
Curtsy Embroidery Founder

After I purchased my first embroidery machine, I was hooked. Handmade gifts for family and friends quickly turned into a blossoming business and became an endeavor that overtook part of my home. ‘A Curtsy & A Bow’ was brought to fruition when I picked up a pink paint brush and opened the doors to my very own little shop.

Like you, I spend a lot of time with my sewing and embroidery machines. Confident with my skill and work on my machines, I often felt helpless when my final product was dependent upon the quality of the design that I purchased to stitch out. It became clear that I needed to invest in and learn all that I could about embroidery digitizing in order to consistently create high quality products for my own shop.

I had a big decision to make…

I discovered that not only do I love digitizing, I was also receiving the most encouraging feedback from other embroiderers.

You are who I really want to work for.

My most rewarding feeling comes when you post pictures of your beautiful work on my Etsy feedback list. Sometimes I even cry!

I’m thrilled spending my time digitizing designs that help you create something wonderful for your customers, children, and grandchildren. I know all of the love that you put into your beautiful work because I’ve been there myself, and I’m honored that you chose me to add a little love, too.